The Square Root Experience At a Glance





During the STEM Enrichment series, scholars get a CRASH course in the STEM world not through exams and lecture, but through creating! Each lesson during our staple after school program is project based and led by STEM industry professionals to give a real world perspective.

At The Academy, the learning doesn't stop in the classroom. Scholars partake in Academy Innovation Expeditions touring Universities and cutting edge tech companies.

Did we mention STEM is for everybody? At our various community events we welcome everyone from community members to tech company executives to experience the magic of STEM!

Square Root Academy provides schools and scholars a fully immersive experience in STEM during our assemblies as we transform auditoriums into a STEM wonderland for over +100 scholars!

Scholar Stories

"Today I learned more about the states of matter and I also learned about cohesion, adhesion, and H2O. We got to put water on a penny and see how much water can stay on the penny. This formed a meniscus because surface tension."

                 -Liliana Davenport, 5th grade

"I had a great time in the Square Root Academy. I had a great time when we first started this class when we first built the solar power charger. I also had a learning experience building circuits and diodes."

                                                                                             -Xavier Alexander, 8th grade

"I like the academy. I learned about a lot of stuff. Most of it involved technology. I loved doing things on the breadboards...we built cars with Legos. We did an experiement almost everyday."

                 -Elijah Hubbard, 7th grade

Projects by our Scholars

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