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Is it a solid or liquid?

What is it?

Oobleck is a pressure dependent substance known as a shear thickening Non-Newtonian Fluid. Applying pressure to the mixture increases the viscosity, or thickness. So a quick hit to the mixture and it feels like a solid, but slowly sink your hand in and it feels like a liquid




How to make it

  1. Mix the food coloring into the water and pour it over the cornstarch, slowly mixing as you go.

  2. Keep adding water until the mixture becomes thick but not solid. 


What you'll need

•   1 cup of water
•    1 to 2 cups of cornstarch
•    Mixing bowl
•    Food coloring (optional)


What do you notice? 

Try hitting the oobleck and compare it to sinking your hands in. What happens when you just hold a handful and squeeze it? What about when you just let it sit in your palm? 

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