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Now u see it...

What is it?

In the world of cleaning, bleach and water are an incomparable duo. When mixed together, the bleach fades colors by oxidizing or reducing. Oxidizing bleach, typically chlorine based, breaks the chemical bonds between the dye making it less visible. The molecules of the dye are unable to absorb light, making the color seemingly disappear.



It's Gone

How to make it

  1. Fill one plastic cup ¾ full with water

  2. Add several drops of food coloring and mix

  3. Fill the other cup ¼ of the way with bleach

  4. Slowly pour the water into the bleach

  5. Pour the new mixture of water and bleach into the empty cup and repeat a few times

  6. Let mixture sit for a few minutes and see the dye disappear!


What you'll need

•    Two clear cups
•    Food coloring (red is great!)
•    Bleach
•    Water


What do you notice? 

Did the colored water return to its original clear state?
Try adding a little bit of bleach at a time and mix! See how much bleach it takes to make that color disappear.

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