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Development Director


The Director of Workforce is the Academy’s go to for all things Workforce! Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the Director of Workforce is responsible for the overall execution and development of workforce driven opportunities for Academy scholars. This includes partnership development, intern experience facilitation, advising the organization of emerging industry trends. The position requires strong leadership, delegation abilities, and like everything with the Academy – a TON of creativity!

Compensation: $45K - $50K salary (DOE)

Commitment: 35-40 Hrs/Week

Travel: Some


  • Work with industry partners to facilitate intern and general job placement

  • Actively collaborates with all grants team members. Shares and refines current and future strategies, ensures alignment with system standards and processes, supports professional development and fosters an environment of cooperation within the team and across the markets.

  • Connect industry professionals with volunteer opportunities within the organization

  • Oversee the execution of intern programs

  • Act as a liaison between Square Root Academy and industry partners for regularly scheduled check ins.

  • Oversee training of both youth and employers for cultural competency and general work place readiness.

  • Report to Academy leadership team emerging industry trends to inform curriculum and partnership

  • Solicit industry partnerships for the purpose of hosting interns, sponsorship opportunities, and field trips.

  • Oversee annual field trip partnership procurement

  • Maintain budget of workforce related experiences

  • Work with ED to establish annual and long-term fund development goals

  • Identify and cultivate strategic sustainable revenue sources

  • Cultivate and foster donor relationships with industry partners

  • Work with executive team in the development of special events

  • Engage with other workforce development based agencies in the region to share lessons learned and collaborate with regional ecosystem

  • Works with guidance from Grants Administration to participate in effective utilization of a system to track all financial, programmatic and funder information related to workforce development grants.

  • Advances a proactive and systematic approach to identify potential workforce development grant opportunities from private, public and governmental funders.

  • Maintain organization timeline as developed by ED

  • Develop reports detailing the results of event utilizing both quantifiable and abstract measurements as they pertain to workforce efforts

  • Weekly reports to executive team regarding progress

  • Delegation of tasks to necessary parties to further fundraising endeavors

  • Maintain database of scholars and partners as it pertains to workforce development

  • Build the planned giving program with a focus on deferred gifts such as bequest expectancies.

  • Demonstrate professional conduct at all times

  • Maintain high personal and professional ethics

  • Pursue continuing education and best-practice advancements in the fields of public relations, marketing, nonprofit management and fund development

  • Perform other related duties as required

  • Assist Workforce Development programs in developing and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting progress.

  • Develop strategies to cultivate and grow relationships with past, current and potential workforce development scholars and partners, increasing retention, persistence and completion.


  • Understanding of nonprofit organizational structure

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills

  • Understanding of fundraising tactics

  • Excellent research skills

  • Knowledge of wealth and education disparities in underserved communities

  • Ability to strategize and lead new initiatives in a team environment

  • Experience with coding logic

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Suite

  • Familiarity with managing donor databases

  • Bachelor’s Degree in applicable field

  • 5+ years of nonprofit management experience

** Important Note: Fingerprinting is required for employment, with expenses covered by employer.



  • Supervise Workforce Department which includes managing 2-5 employees.

  • Conduct professional development courses for both industry partners and youth

Partnership Development:

  • Maintain relationships with Industry partners through regular meetings within as well outside of the duration of the workforce experience.

  • Solicit new industry relationships with the goal of soliciting intern opportunities, field trips, sponsorship, and other relevant items

Promote the Organization:

  • Attend community events marketing the workforce driven offerings provided by the Academy

Records and Reports:

  • Maintain a database regarding industry partner touch points, communications, and projects.

  • Report emerging workforce trends to team on monthly basis

  • Develop monthly reports with regards to internship performance


  • Oversee organizational wide marketing efforts which include Square Root Academy social media presence

  • Assist in creating monthly newsletter and website maintenance

  • Attend and participate in community events to create regional brand awareness

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