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Halloween DIY: Fake Raining Blood

What is it?

Create a mesmerizing and ghoulish decorations that will keep everyone entertained using the power of science! Explore the concept of density using ingredients you can find in your kitchen and make a “bleeding” cloud of mysterious goo!

How to make it

  1. Pour a small amount of olive oil into a plastic bowl.

  2. Add a splash of food coloring, one color at a time.

  3. Stir the contents bowl together.

  4. Add water into the clear glass container. 

  5. Pour mixture into the container and wait!

What did you notice? 

  • Oil and water mixing is a classic science experiment. The two substances won’t mix for two reasons: density and polarity. Oil is more dense than water and will therefore sink to the bottom of the container when both are present. Also, water and oil molecules have a different polarity- water molecules have positive and negative ends which attract each other more strongly, while oil molecules do not. Because the two substances don’t mix, the oil will begin to sink and take along the food coloring with it. When the oil and food coloring mixture begins to separate the food coloring will start to rise back to the surface and the cycle will repeat.


Additional Questions

  • Would this experiment work with other substances besides oil?

  • What would happen if the densities of water and oil were the same?

  • Why is the oil required? Would this work with simply food coloring in water?

IMG_5604 (1)_edited.jpg

What you'll need (per batch)

  • Olive oil

  • Food coloring (yellow, green, blue, red)

  • Clear glass container that has a narrow mouth (i.e. beaker, mason jar)

  • Plastic bowl

  • Water

  • Stirring rod, fork, or spoon

Happy learning friends!

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