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Videography Intern


In the role of Videography Intern, you will report directly to the Operations Coordinator and are responsible for the production, filming, and editing of the Square Root Academy DIY SCI Video Series alongside the STEAM DIY interns.

Compensation: $500 stipend/4 weeks

Commitment: 5-10 hours/week


  • Storyboard and develop video treatments for all DIY Sci experiments developed by the STEAM DIY interns 

  • Direct and produce DIY SCI videos

  • Operate video camera during DIY SCI video recording sessions 

  • Assembling raw footage and uploading footage to Square Root Academy Drive 

  • Editing raw footage into one rough cut and enhancing footage through inputting sound, graphics, transitions, and color correcting where appropriate

  • Updating operations coordinator and team with project progress

  • Task management

  • Attend weekly virtual meetings 


  • Videography experience 

  • Video editing experience 

  • Knowledge of video editing software such as Premiere Pro or iMovie

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills

  • Excellent research skills

  • Knowledge of wealth and education disparities in underserved communities

  • Familiarity with Google Drive, Docs, and Gmail

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