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Director of Education


Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director of Education is responsible for the facilitation of STEM education program development. The position oversees all STEM education programs including contract solicitation, program oversight, curriculum development, and scholar data collection. The position is one of the public faces of Square Root Academy and is responsible for not only high level speaking engagements, but also television, radio and print media interviews

Compensation: $45-55k (D.O.E)

Commitment: 35-40 hours a week


  • Oversee and manage all educational  programming to completion

  • Solicit new contracts in the realm of K-12 education

  • QC all STEAM driven curriculum 

  • Manage and supervise faculty, staff, and students who work in basic needs, Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) assignments, guardian scholars, foster care and kinship education, formerly incarcerated students in transition programs, STEM Center, food pantry, and other assigned student support programs.

  • Provides overall planning, evaluation, direction, and guidance to department staff and/or faculty in the day- to-day operations of the basic needs, Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) initiatives, guardian scholars, foster and kinship care education, formerly incarcerated students in transition program, STEM Center and tartar food pantry.

  • Selects, supervises and evaluates assigned staff.

  • Prepares and administers the Districts annual and long-range Student Equity and Achievement Plans and associated student equity reports in conjunction with District planning and budget development processes; monitor plans and timelines to accomplish student equity and achievement goals and objectives.

  • Provide assistance and support for a comprehensive focus on STEM instruction that is seamless K-12.

  • Work with professional organizations to communicate information about Square Root Academy’s STEAM programs and initiatives.

  • Develop curriculum for new programs.

  • Facilitate collaboration with other academic institutions, non profits, and community education hubs.

  • Speak on behalf of Square Root Academy at public convenings 

  • Oversee professional certification programs 

  • Collect and  manage scholar data.Deliver educational data to executive team, grant writer and marketing team 

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, Nonprofit Management, or related field.

  • Understanding of nonprofit organizational structure.

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills.

  • Excellent research skills.

  • Knowledge of wealth and education disparities in underserved communities

  • Ability to work within an open and team environment using collaborative approaches

  • Minimum three-to-five years of experience in planning and developing K-12 education programs and projects.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of local school divisions, elementary, middle, and high school education, and administrative practices and procedures

  • Experience with management of large scale programs

  • Experience with grant management and solicitation

  • Skills in research and evaluation projects and budget management; and communication of complex information to various audiences

  • Broad knowledge of STEM programs, operational, technical, curriculum methodology with compliments, pedagogy, and implementation

  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Considerable knowledge of technology tools and skills in the use of computers, devices, and various databases, spreadsheets, and word processing applications, and other technology that drive innovative practices


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